Here’s the 411

Pink Gator is committed to delivering outstanding customer care.
You are the reason Pink Gator is here  and we’re here to listen to and care for you.

  • For Customer Care
    If you have questions about Pink Gator’s products, Pink Gator website, placing an order online or by phone, or to check on order status.
    Call us: 215-499-4996
  • For Merchandising
    If you think your product is perfect for Pink Gator and you would like to become a vendor, we would love to hear from you!
  • For Events
    If you are with a local organization and would like to plan an event with Pink Gator.
    Call us: 215-499-4996
  • For Paula
    I am always here if you would like to contact me directly, whether it be feedback or just to say “hello!”
Thank you for being a Pink Gator customer.  We look forward to assisting you soon!